Meet Pragya

There is something about the concept of change which has always felt like a warm embrace. Standing, watching the clouds dance in the sky, the sun rise through the clouds, birds soaring high unbeknownst to the secrets it unfolds, only to await the darkness the sunset brings, for which promises of another beautiful day makes me feel truly at home. If change is a constant I want to experience it permanently. And how? It’s through October.

A warm embrace, an at home feeling, and a soft scarf filled with love, it is simply that for me. October is that time in the universe which brings soft ripples of change, the fragrant flowers, the wind in the hair and the wait for new beginnings. Our line of light, soft and soulful scarves aims to bring those feelings carefully packed, weave by weave and thread by thread, to you with love.

Pragya Aggarwal
CEO & Founder